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How We Generate Removal leads For Your Bussiness

Sourcing of High Quality Website Traffic

Advertising on the internet can be a nightmare for removal companies. Our highly optimised campaigns are designed to attract leads with high buyer intent. This means you’ll be sent the best sources of prospects for your business.

Capturing Details Of The Move

Customers enter the details of their move and our systems then validate the data to ensure lead quality. This happens in seconds.

Live Removal Leads Sent To You

Validated leads matching your criteria are sent to you via email and SMS. Our instant delivery system means you can contact the customer quicker - giving you the best chance of winning the work.

Customers Not Ads

All leads sent to you are customers who have personally requested a removal quote

Targeted Areas

Receive leads from the postcodes you select. We have no limits on the areas you can target

Instant, Real-time Leads

You receive leads in real time by email. We can even send you a text message so you can act immediately

Validated Leads

Our state-of-the-art verification systems ensure leads sent to you are verified and genuine

Got Some Questions About Our Services?

How Many Companies Will I Be Competing With?

We supply removal leads to over 250 removal companies in the UK and the number of competitors for each lead varies from area to area. Your account manager will be able to advise on the exact competition in your area and on the most likely post codes to win work from.

How Many Jobs Can I Expect To Win?

Once we have sent you a lead that matches your criteria, winning the job is down to you. We will coach you and share the best practice used by our most successful companies to help you win as many jobs as possible.

Is There A Minimum Contract?

With East Sussex Movers, we believe in flexibility which is why we do not have a minimum contract or any joining/cancellation fees. Unlike other lead providers we also do not have any restrictions when pausing your account.

How Do The Free Leads Work?

We offer 10 free leads for new companies. Simple! You get to test free leads in your desired areas with no commitment necessary. Just register your details, choose your post codes and your account manager will be in touch to get you started right away!

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